Von Bingen

(Amen Absen - AA002) LP $20.00

Influenced by histories of conceptual art practices, and by electronic and outsider musics native to the west coast, Von Bingen is reminiscent of distant sonics found in the labs of ’60s SF pioneers, or overheard in Berlin’s Zodiac Club in the early ’70s, but Jenni Pace and Daniel Presnell (Astral Blessing, Hildegard), Josh Stevenson (Magneticring), and Richard Smith also anticipate the drone of future decades. Folk forms gleefully mutate, reborn as new hybrids, dignified by analog modular and semi-modular synthesizer systems from Serge, Buchla, and EMS. Instruments such as the flute, clarinet, guitar, and the drum are defamiliarized through quixotic treatments, originating from experimentations in the band’s studio.