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Wyrding initially melded the neo-folk leanings of Kinit Her into a unique take on funeral doom metal. Now a five-piece band, they’ve become expansive and epic, riddling the trip with sadness, darkness, and catharsis. “Troy Schafer’s warm baritone voice [soars] above [the smooth lugubre of] fellow bandmates Brian Steele, Kyle Roessler, Bret Hartl and Jerry McDougal,” observes Invisible Oranges’ Jon Rosenthal. “Gone are the overt folk influences…. [Their sound is now] akin to Benedictine monks performing funeral rites with modern electric instrumentation. Unlike … more conservative funeral doom…, Wyrding seeks out the dramatic not only in minimal execution, but minimal sound. They are quiet, unassuming, [yet] portray immensity.” Red vinyl with black swirl. CD contains two tracks previously released on the Agony In Being cassette (Shifting Sands Congregation 2015).