(Skin Graft) Used LP $25.00

Former Boredoms guitarist Tabata joins K.K. Null for fine ultra-heavy Japanese guitar rock. “From the ferocious kamikaze-drummer attack of ‘Autobody’,” writes Korperschwache, “To the closing hightone mayhem of ‘Terminal Hz’, a jagged roar of rumbling noise, windlike guitar, and lumbering drums that sounds remarkably like a slow-motion earthquake, the three-piece band (augmented by Steve Albini on ‘Angel’ … ) alternates between bludgeoning the listener into submission and tossing out unexpected surprises…. [I]t’s hard to believe that there are only three people in the band, and no bass at all…. Null’s decidedly unorthodox guitar playing ranges from slow-motion death plod to dizzying bursts of speed, and quite often his guitar sounds like some demented transmission from another world far beyond our solar system.” Includes one-sided “Superhunt” twelve-inch. Sealed, hole-punched