Flight of Infection

(Tariff - TAR001) CD $13.00

Mythic music that comes from hardship, a need to challenge an oppressive state with internal and external liberation. ZGA is a collection of musicians from the Russian town of St. Petersburg, the first still active Russian noise group, started in 1984. Nick Sudnick is the sole remaining member from the original line-up. Their first mid-'80s recordings were home-made distort-o-industria, but their roots in '70s prog were discernible. Western industrial/noise influences such as Nurse with Wound, Factrix, Mnemonists, reached them later during perestroika, when Sudnick started to build his zgamoniums. The zgamoniums (contact-miked springs hammered with mallets, metal sheets gently stroked with medieval-looking miniature whips, strings attached to brutally constructed iron grids, and much more).