Technology Of Sleep

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Richard Francis manipulates environmental and contact microphone recordings through a poetic, almost intuitive sensibility. Electrical buzzing, fizzing drones, crisp crackles, and amplified tiny textural striations. From 2001


Ultimate Ambience 2

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An hour-plus of “Spherical Electronics,” plus Final Harsh Work #16, recorded live in Chicago in February 1999. “The first chaotic spherical rumination opens with a looping skree shard,” reports Brainwashed, “Which soon fractures into feedback squeals and some low messy quakes. A stuttering synth-y keyboard seems to be rapidly losing its tuning as occasional shadows of lost keys flicker between the bright gulfs of distortion. MSBR … tweak[s] endless vortices of well defined entropy from his gadgets, and the noise shifts constantly and eddies endlessly, headlessly and leglessly. Patterns emerge but are quickly blown apart; MSBR kisses the noise as it flies.”


Galleries 4-6

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"Several tracks each by three New Zealand artists. Doe achieves quiet and compelling, nirvana-like states of layered hum. Eso Steel’s “A Scratch” ups the noise ante a tad with more sound tidbits and “Ircania” goes one further with stretches of mild noise and furnace hum. Birchville Cat Motel’s three tracks bet the whole pot with feedback drenched guitar and clutter." From 2001