Beyond Painting

(Actual Tapes - 001) Used CDR $15.00

Recorded in 1990, self-released in 2010. The “light, echoing ambience and drifting feel” of “First Quarter,” says Brainwashed, and “the repetitive drone and almost chanting voices” … of “The Unforgiven” “seem to herald the development of” isolationism. “Bleakness comes [amid] gentle horn-like tones and reversed melodies” on “Soft Self Portrait” and “the layered, looped string sounds of ‘Beyond Painting’ …, a bit more tinged nostalgia rather than outright malignance…. [T]he stand out piece … ‘Al-Qa'ida’, with its vaguely jazz noir guitar and electronics structure … has … a rhythmic throb to it, rather than … spectral, textural ambience.