Talking Heads ’77

(Adult Contemporary) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Sometimes,” notes a legendary Amazon philosopher about this ahead-of-its-time 1985 LP, “you have to swallow anti-music venom and not complain about the aftertaste…. Shimmering, frightening ambience, like the sound of speeding tractor-trailers as heard from farmhouses and dirt roads miles away. Creepy, but not goth. There are some vocals, but they are mixed far below the surface of the music. It just gets under your skin!” With insert and record shop price tags.


Oven Bait

(Adult Contemporary) CD $10.00

Savage! Young! Wild! Jon Spencer, Julia Cafritz, and the rest in all their snarling, sneering, spoiled-rotten-Ivy-Leaguer glory, recorded live in the mid-’80s. Extremely lo-fi to begin with and made even more unlistenable after the fact by disgruntled percussionist Tom Smith, who originally released the tapes in an act of revenge after the band gave him the boot. He thought Oven Bait would embarrass Pussy Galore, but it has gone on to achieve near-mythical status as one of the rawest, most insanely (un)produced recordings you’re likely to hear. Good luck sitting through all 55 minutes.