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1979 reissue of volume twenty in BYG’s Actuel series. Seriously high-energy, free jazz action recorded in Paris 1969 by pianist Burrell, along with Archie Shepp (tenor), Alan Silva (bass), Sunny Murray (drums), Clifford Thornton (cornet), Grachan Moncur III (trombone), and Arthur Jones (alto sax).



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Two 1971 live trio sets—one recorded August 11th in Carpentras, France with Han Bennink and Mocqui Cherry, the other recorded April 22nd with Jonnhy Dyani and Okay Temiz.


What About

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Recorded in Paris 1969, Cyrille’s first session as a leader sparkles with amazing solo drum and percussion work — strong yet not so hard as to forego nuance. “From Whence I Came” incorporates breath and vocal sounds. “Rims and Things” is self-explanatory in its use of extended techniques, sound-sources and textures. Two more orthodox trap kit workouts maintain control of the progression of rhythmic and melodic ideas. “Pioneering” counterpoints snare and toms with whistle, slide-whistle and finger cymbals. 1982 reissue of volume 16 in BYG’s Actuel series.