Revisionist History

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Fossil Aerosol Mining Project’s first studio experimentation dating back to the mid-1980s employed found sounds, such as fragments of open reel quarter-inch tape and 35mm film recovered from burnt out warehouses and abandoned drive-in theaters. The earliest work involved tape loops and analog signal processes, which were gradually replaced by digital delay treatments and multi-track manipulation. They continue to work primarily with found audio artifacts and field recordings, and signal processing equipment remains the principal form of instrumentation. In the observation of three decades of obscure, faked resurrection, the recordings on Revisionist History are hybrids, old artifacts grafted onto new material. The bonus download adds another hour to the 69-minute CD — remixes and reconsiderations of nine old favorites, totaling more than two hours of enhanced decay and mnemonic devices. This edition of 300 is packaged with manipulated page of pseudohistorical text (circa 1972) and a souvenir fragment of open-reel dictaphone tape collected as source material in Chicago in 1988.