(Alluvial) Used CDR $5.00

Five pieces, “brilliantly recorded with natural echo so that the instruments shine like polished mirrors,” says Sound Projector. “These scheming homunculi attack their instruments with a vigor that borders on pathological hatred: energetic sawing motion produces tremendous effective harmonics leaping off the bridge and shimmering in the air like the northern lights; tiny fingers the size of a crab’s claws create plucking motions so sharp they could break the neck of a Canadian goose…; busy left-hand fingering motions running up and down … as though a colony of ants had escaped and had to be wiped out, using only fingertips, in two minutes flat. It’s fine, crucial stuff, but a harsh dissonance also results, and the way it seeps off the record like so much ectoplasm may frighten those afraid of atonality.”