(Aposiopèse - APO10) CD $17.75

This French artist, activist, and sound art researcher uses electronics, phonography, analog synthesizers and the hurdy-gurdy to question the perception and physicality of sound spaces. Edition of 300. Listen to “La Lueur” here: https://soundcloud.com/aposiopese-music/yvan-etienne-la-lueur-apo-10



(Aposiopèse) LP $25.00

(Aposiopèse) Used LP $15.00

With the influence of Terry Riley and Alice Coltrane already internalized, Sauvage’s encounter with the jalatarangam (a traditional south Indian instrument — porcelain bowls filled with water tapped with bamboo sticks) brought her to the idea of recording with underwater microphones, and using simple electronics to weave an aquatic soundscape. Additional audio feedback from loudspeakers creates drones that sway with water waves. Uncontrollable elements such as sensitivity to room acoustics and irregularity of water movement play an important role in the unstable, fragile and site-specific nature of her music.


Script Geometry

(Aposiopèse - APO09) 2xLP + CD $33.00

Script Geometry comes from the idea that something in a tropical forest sounds like and plays within the realms of electronics, music and electronic noise, characteristic from an era long before the birth of biotopes that form this forest and create this sound. Tilly’s work with density attempts to extract forms that characterize these analogies. Taking these sounds out of their context (near the Nourages scientific research station in French Guiana in the heart of a tropical rainforest, where he stayed for a month in 2013), he rearranges his field recordings as easily as synthesizer patch cables with very little signal processing. Edition of 500. Check out “At Night, Mass” here: http://label-aposiopese.bandcamp.com/album/script-geometry