Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

(Arbor) Used LP (one-sided) $9.00

The forefathers of broken gear / appliance / wind instrument basement jamming dig in on the border of existence and twist mixer feedback and found sounds into a collage harsh, alien, and awakening.


Absence of Essence

(Arbor - ARBOR99) 2x7-inch $10.00

Heavy synthesizer work reminiscent of the crushing mass of early industrial music, Absence of Essence consumes the air around it with heavy vibrations and total deprivation. Four tracks rip holes through the sonic barriers, loud and powerful with entrancing subtleties and discreet builds. The nature of the seven-inch format yields succinct and unwavering compositions. One platter is white vinyl, the other one's black. Edition of 400.


God Willing / Privy Seals

(Arbor - ARBOR78) split LP $10.00

God Willing and Privy Seals are two of the prime purveyors of meditative harsh tones. God Willing's guitar and oscillatior drone reaches epic levels of hypnosis: repetitive, textured signals march onward like the swaying charm of the pocket watch. One of the final Privy Seals recordings with its eavy, hi-end guitar and tape interlacing, is a bridge to the new incarnation under the Earn moniker. Its harsh movement soothes under the deprivation of distorted tones. At the end of the hallway a door lies open. Silkscreened jackets. Edition of 300.


Outer Space

(Arbor) Used LP $10.00

Electricity converted into acoustic pressure and potential; the melody of physics. Six recordings here, each a microcosmic illumination of the personal path of Emeralds' John Elliott. Clear vinyl. Edition of 650.



(Arbor - 126) 2xLP $20.00

A retrospective look at Raglani’s orientation within the canon of electronic music between 2004 and 2009. The sonic legacies orbiting the INA GRM axis cross paths with pop sensibilities more akin to the sensuous pulse of New Order, yielding dense compositions made with analog and digital electronic instruments as well as guitar, voice, pedal steel, organ, and melodica. One fourth of the material is available for the first time; the remainder, from private-press and small run releases, has been remixed. Edition of 500



(Arbor - 41) Used LP $10.00

Steev Thompson’s forgotten smog floats through a Northside basement. Sounds emanate but their source is totally unrecognizable. Quiet growing tonal blobs erupt into washes of aural color. Thompson and Branden Diven’s complete union of samplers, synths, vocals, guitar, organs, percussion, and electronics merge and abandon individual existence. This is a remixed and edited version of their CDR released by X Died Enroute Y in 2006. Yellow vinyl. Edition of 300.