(Ash International) Used LP $6.00

“A solid wall of utterly alien noises,” ponders our friend at Sound Projector about this 1999 album by Ulf Bilting, Edwin Van Der Heide, Zbigniew Karkowski, and Atau Tanaka, “derived from (we are informed) ‘data harvested from the Internet….’ [Y]ou could easily … mistake [Traceroute] for … white-noise aural garbage.… [W]hat we find out there is an incoherent Tower of Babel…, closest to the reality of the computer’s sheer inanity. The only difference is that this record is barely recognisable as ‘music’, not even as a species of spaced-out, whacked-out Techno created by Zombie DJs from a chill-out room on … Pluto…. In which case it’s an extremely bleak vision of the future. Essential therefore.”