Black Crow Gazebo

(Assaphon) Used LP $15.00

Eight songs of twisted folk, satanic Americana, and trance voodoo magic. This adventure among the deranged psychosis of the Phoenix characters who inhabit Detroit’s world includes multiple-personality girlfriends, twisted and rogue hangers-on, and street musicians doing what they must to survive Arizona’s infernal summer heat. The side-long “Toe Sucker Beach” is a deep, trance-inducing descent into Dante’s Inferno that features Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) on vocals, Doug Clark (Victory Acres, Feederz) on synthesizer, and Detroit on bongos—overlaid with a recording of Detroit waxing on about his extraordinary life. Edition of 400.


Live at the Marie Antoinette

(Assaphon - ASS01) Used LP $12.00

A ragged live blast that combines a more garage-rocking take on the communal folk breakdowns of The Cherry Blossoms with killer Shaggs / Godz style drum violence, drunk choir vocals and fidelity that makes it all sound like a VU Bootleg.



(Assaphon) Used LP $20.00

Avant rock and free jazz by Wally Shoup (sax), Dave Abramson (drums), and Jeffery Taylor (guitar). “Shoup is in fire-breathing form throughout,” marvels our friend at Volcanic Tongue, “Scorching the omnidirectional time signatures and bursts of single-note violence with rasping smears of breath…. [Abramson and Taylor] get down on their hands and knees and … generate [a] low, vibrating rumble while Shoup nose-dives into them again and again.”