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“Metamorphosis no. 89” by Don Webb; “We See Things Differently” by Bruce Sterling; “Portfolio” by Freddie Baer; “America Comes” by Bruce Boston; “Frankenstein Penis” by Ernest Hogan; “Six Kinds of Darkness” by John Shirley; “More Subatomic Particles” by Nick Herbert; “BurningSsky” by Rachael Pollack; “Day” by Bob McGlynn; “Rapture in Space” by Rudy Rucker; “Quent Wimpel meets Bigfoot” by Kerry Thornley; “Hippie Hat Brain Parasite” by William Gibson; “The Great Escape” by Sol Yurick; “Portfolio” by James Koehnline; “Jane Fonda’s Augmentation Mammoplasty” and “Report on an Unidentified Space Station” by J.G. Ballard; “Solitons” by Paul Di Filippo; “Is This True? Well, Yes and No” by Sharon Gannon & David Life; “Genocide” by Richard Kadrey; “The Antarctic Autonomous Zone” by Hakim Bey; “Vile Dry Claws of the Toucan” by Ian Watson; “Shed his Grace” by Michael Blumlein; “All Right, Everybody on the Floor!” by Thom Metzger; “The Gene Drain” by Lewis Shiner; “The CIA Reporter” and “The New Boy” by William S. Burroughs; “Another Brush with the Fuzz” by Daniel Pearlman; “You Can’t Go Home Again” by Ron Kolm; “Georgie and the Giant Shit” by Greg Gibson; “Delphic (Projection #5)” by Lorraine Schein; “The Sex Club” by T.L. Parkinson; “Your Style Guide” by Marc Laidlaw; “Maslow, Sheldrake, and the Peak Experience” by Colin Wilson; “Amsterdam Diary” by Robert Sheckley; “I Was a Teenage Genetic Engineer” by Denise Angela Shawl; “Chapter One, the Novel” by Luke McGuff; “Portfolio” by Richard Kadrey; “Saint Francis Kisses his Ass Goodbye” by Philip José Farmer; “Gnosis Knows Best” by Hugh Fox; “The Beer Mystic’s Last Day on the Planet” by Bart Plantenga; “Visit Port Watson!” by Anon.; “Lord of InfinitT Diversions” by t. winter-damon; “Project Parameters in Cherry Valley by the testicles” by Robert Anton Wilson; “The Scepter of Prætorious” by Ivan Stang; “Louie, Louie” by Jacob Rabinowitz; “Cling to the Curvature!” by Barrington J. Bayley. Edited by Rudy Rucker, Peter Lanborn Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson. 384pp from 1989