I Fall Into You

(Basses Frequences - BF4) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally released by Public Eyesore, Basses Frequence’s reissue of Baker’s 2002 recording begins, according to Dusted, with DNA gently floating in a mitochondrial soup, and ends with an ambient texture piece that incorporates words from Milton's "Paradise Lost." The highlight of the disc by this Canadian guitarist, loopist, and lyricist is the mesmerizing two-guitar gamelan of "Symbiosis."


Rain of Ashes

(Basses Frequences - BF19) CD $12.00

The duo’s guitar- and electronic-sourced metal-tinged drone / doom this time out is not far removed from their earlier work, but the dynamic, complex guitar alternates between melodic post-punk tones and shrill piercing feedback, while a frozen wall of electronic textures stays in place, eventually allowing subtle low-end electronic sounds to move forward. Darker ambient electronics pull away and are replaced by simple 8-bit digital melody and rapid guitar plucking. The band’s combination of metal drone and noise infuses more meditative ambience and a subtle hint of post-punk rock that isn’t usually referenced in the heavier stuff.