Trixie Stapleton 291

(Bichon) Used LP $15.00

Recorded in 1972, this record evidently never made it further than the Futura label’s fifty test pressings made in 1973. Often referred to as “the French Faust” (by people who by now you should know not to ever trust about anything), this trio mixes collage, psychedelic rock, surreal poetry, and organically tapped noise purity with experimental 70s rock. No strangers to checklist literature, Audion offers up this not insubstantial inventory: “riffing with a psychedelic bent … bizarrely constructed patterns of percussive sound and chopped-up rock music … [a] poem, recited by a girl, over an urban landscape populated by numerous barking dogs … an intensely strange mangled web of sound that’s almost brain-numbing … a piano-based piece that recalls some of Roger Doyle’s early experiments … an excursion in distorted and processed guitar … [strange and twisted] folk music … with gypsy violin….” Sealed