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Paul McCarthy on free-form voice improvisation. Fredrik Nilsen on prepared acoustic guitar, antique analog organ and digital keyboard, all in an especially unorthodox style. Joe Potts on his chopped optigans. Tom Recchion on Kurzweil, guitar, radio, CDs, production, processing. Creepy and wonderful as any gothic horror movie soundtrack.


Space Mirror

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The perfectly crafted harmonic noise guitar of Gretchen Gonzales meets the drone expertise of Warren Defever on tampura and harmonium, while Steve Nistor’s percussion veers from imperceptible to all-encompassing, and Joey Mazzola emotive slide guitar work could be mistaken for full-on pedal steel. Fans of Barry Walker, Jr. and Henry Flynt will find much to enjoy here.


魔光 (Magic Light)

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Seiichi Yamamoto of Bordeoms and Omoide Hatoba and Makoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple, plus Stu Odom and Marco Villalobos. Recorded in 2006. Sealed


The Curious City

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Ten tracks of metal mayhem, psych sickness and all-out rock’n’ roll psychosis from Pittsburgh PA.