The Gero-P

(Black Operations) Cassette $20.00

On this reissue of a mid-80s collaboration by Gerogerigegege and NP, Fumiyoshi Suzuki is on guitar, vocals, and violin, while Juntaro Yamanouchi can be heard on vocals, guitar, and electronics. Photocopy cover in a ziploc bag. C30


Piano River

(Black Operations) Cassette $30.00

With the deluxe edition long-ago promised by Unreliable Tosser Records having entered some sort of void where it seems to be destined to remain permanently missing in action, Black Operations comes to the rescue with the Sucker Edition, so named because it includes a lollipop. That's on top of the ziploc bag and the photocopy. Amazing synergistic design for "plastics sheet record music by cutting machine for a making seven-inch EP," no? Don't laugh, but it says "Not for sale. For friends only." Happy Opposites Day.


We Are Hardcore

(Black Operations) 6xCDR + DVDR $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

Expanded reissue of Superman Cha Cha’s 2005 collection of rare early Condome Cassex cassette releases, collaboration cassette with Kyoakukyojindan, rare compilation tracks and “Cock Action” video. With twenty A4 inserts (cassette artworks, rare early interviews, articles, pictures, etc. from Japanese magazines such as Fool’s Mate, P.O.W, Gekko-Luna).