Bunny Magick

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“Nothing exceeds like excess.” So Douglas Wolk sums up this LP from 1994. “The Bunny Brains have built a Taj Mahal of psychedelic sludge, a two-chord Trump Tower, a Mount Rushmore of everybody playing really loud at once and sort of trying to make sure they’re playing the same song. The Connecticut band, known for way-over-the-top live performances (half-naked dancers, dozens of stuffed animals flying everywhere, very long songs) and why-did-they-do-that? recordings … has topped itself again. Bunny Magick has a handful of digressions, like the ridiculous acoustic tribute to a favorite DJ (“R U Ready Carolyn Keddy?”) and an even more ridiculous, fume-addled jig (“Erin Go Boom!”), and a couple of short found pieces (like the hysterical children’s choir anti-drug song that opens the record). Most of it, though, is what the Bunny Brains do best: hugely fun, near-improvised two-chord rock for lots of people to jump up and down to, with songs that go on as long as they’re still fun for everyone to play and end when everybody’s gotten bored with the main riff and wandered off into solos. Sealed


Destination Moon

(Blackjack) Used LP $10.00

First full-blown piece of vinyl from New York’s purveyors of clatter and jazz scramble from 1996. Paste-on cover art by Shadow Ring’s Graham Lambkin.


Live In Hitler's Bunker

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Flower-wilting bad vibration rock therapy from Hayward, California’s most unwelcome heroes. Recorded live in Bellingham, Washington, before an adoring crowd of nine. A brain-blending power-rock psychotronic nightmare. Hand-slathered jackets. Edition of 400.