Grey Ghost

(Box Kite - BK005) CD $10.00

Greg Freeman (Pell Mell) and Jeff Palmer (Granfaloon Bus) have been making "dub fodder" together since 1996. The duo creates organic atmospheres by crossing analog randomness with the digital control of Logic Audio. No less an authority than Germans have nothing but admiration for the results: "Checksum create a blueprint for the dub of the future: warmly and personally. Arrivals! 100% of hearing experience guarantees!" -- Gleis 22 Club "Sounds to a nocturnal walk by a San Francisco wrapped in nebulas. Somehow terribly, somehow fascinatingly." --Szene "Checksum filter the straight pure, reduced dub elements (emphasis bass and schlagzeug, plus a quantity resound and Krimskrams noises)." --DE:BUG