True Love Never Dies

(Bunkerpop - BP04) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

The historical footprint of this short-lived and little-known Dutch Messthetics post-punk band might have escaped detection were not for a self-released cassette in 1983, reissued here on vinyl for the first time. While the opening track hinges on the ululating yell of Tarzan, as portrayed by actor Johnny Weissmuller in the film from 1932, it also explores themes of genocide, racism, the destruction of culture and the melding of totalitarianism and ignorance. With lyric sheet, photos, and notes from the band.


Dead Excitement

(Bunkerpop) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of the first seven by Dutch post-punkers, originally self-released in 1981 with appropriated Rock Against Records logo. If later material is comparable to Joy Division, this could be considered their Warsaw-era: rhythm-driven, upbeat punk with a dark vibe, pulsing with jagged guitars and snarled yet blasé vocals. Includes all original artwork, extra photos and a band history by an original member.


Coïtus Int.

(Bunkerpop - BP003) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reacting to the punk bands in Utrecht at the time of the original release of their debut album (1981), this Dutch quartet embraced an approach slower, darker, and more bass-driven than on their Dead Excitement EP from 1980 (reissued by Bunkerpop in 2011). Heino L’Ortye’s bass is the lead melodic instrument here, while Gang Of Four-inspired attacks issue from Marcel Uffing’s guitar. Drummer Ron van Asperen churns the heaviness in different directions, particularly on tracks like “Birds” and “My Ideal Man.” But it’s Jos de Groot’s thoughtful lyrics and unique voice that separate the group from rest; his delivery is distant but honest, with a tone that makes you feel like he’s seen things you don’t and may never understand. Check out “My Ideal Man” here: http://youtu.be/-SAG_xk-wQ0


Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts)

(Bunkerpop) LP $20.00

(Bunkerpop) Used LP $12.00

The third, previously unreleased album by this early ’80s Culturcide-damaged crew from Fullerton, California, led by William Shifflette is an avant pop post-punk experimental acid masterwork, a truly timeless piece of music by an overlooked band headed in a decidedly warped direction, or, as mutantsounds said, “Half Machine Lip Moves meets Here Come The Warm Jets.” Yellowgreenred.com ruminates, “Either they were always this strange, or by the third album they had completely lost touch with reality … when it comes to wildly insane and single-minded musical experiments no one in their right mind would want to hear…. [L]ike a synth-wave band who despised their own genre, or a Ralph Records band that refused to be funny…, [this] group [doesn’t] bow to any musical or societal constraints, which of course is just as fascinating as it is difficult.” Includes 24 x 36 double-sided color poster and lyric booklet. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013