Black Dots

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1979 snapshot of a band at the cusp of their utmost aesthetic purity, wailing through a punk rock masterpiece that downplays the guitar in favor of the bass and soaking wet dubwise drums clearly influenced by Jamaican and British space reggae, and overdriven vocals. Includes great liner notes that dryly recount the dismal dead-end existences of the musicians that inspired the songs, every one of which are terse expositions on existential panic. Colored vinyl, numbered edition of 1000. Sealed.


Devotional and Love Songs

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“Recorded in the wake of the late Khan’s triumphant performance at the 1985 WOMAD festival, this 10-track collection features the lighter, folkier side of the Pakistani classical music singer’s repertoire,” opines James Rotondi. “Accompanied by his nine-member ‘party’ on acoustic guitar, mandolin, and a full complement of tabla and harmonium, Khan unleashes typically stunning vocal phrases marked by blinding speed, cutting tone, and unearthly ornamentation. The infectious ‘Yaad-E-Nabi Gulshan Mehka,’ with lyrics in praise of Muhammed, finds the qawwali singer at his most effervescent, while the ghazal (love song) ‘Mast Nazroon Se Allah Bachhae’ features an insistent hand-clapped rhythm and the full Party chorus singing together in unison.”



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This reissue of the sole 1995 album by Gibby Haynes, Bill Carter, Johnny Depp, and Sal Jenco is a rambunctious stew of grunge, over-the-top dub, twisted yet reverent covers, mutant blues, faux hillbilly, oddball ballads, and space jams. Guests include Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols). Sealed