God's Got It

(CaseQuarter - CS101) Used CD $5.00

A collection of the legendary Booker and Jackson label singles from the gospel / blues master. Eighteen tracks recorded between 1970 and 1978, including singles cut by Brother Ike Gordon and Sister Frances Jackson, and an unreleased track discovered in March 2003.


You Without Sin Cast The First Stone

(CaseQuarter) Used CD $5.00

“The one-time lead vocalist of Alabama’s Flying Clouds of Montgomery unleashes his overpowering melismatic falsetto and growling exhortations to redemption — accompanied by a primal guitar unlearned over 20 years of solo radio preaching on the Cheerful Angels shows at WMGY. It’s Pops Staples meets Hasil Adkins in an electrifying devil-versus-angel axe showdown. Confrontational, baffling, inspirational. A mainline to the Truth.” From 2006. Punched barcode