Mes Soldats Stupides ’96 -’04

(Cenotaph) 2xCD $13.50

Disc one features primarily vocal/electronics selections from the out-of-print White Swords in a Black Castle, Amelia, and Crystal Castles releases, along with a few choice tracks originally released on Chondritic Sound and Gods of Tundra. Disc two stretches back a bit further into the archives, with some live performances and unreleased tracks in the mix.


Angela, David and the Great Neapolitan Road Issue

(Cenotaph) Used CD $7.00

“A mysterious little enigma of an album” from 2001 by Jeremy Barnes (of Bablicon), Aaron Moore and Laurence Coleman (both from Volcano The Bear), along with Nick Mott and Korena Pang, says Brainwashed, “Seeming at once intimate and detached…, primitively recorded and loosely improvised…. The instrumentation is minimal, with clattering percussion and warm organ tones. Its idiosyncrasies are beguiling, and much of the album washes over like a gentle afternoon hallucination…. The lyrics are disjointed and surreal, bringing to mind the spaced-out whimsicality of solo Syd Barrett. Even the occasional areas of tension and noise seem oddly pastoral.” Sealed