Disasters of Self

(Crippled Intellect Productions - CIP022) 3xLP $45.00

Fractured electronics; rich, multi-level drones; digital bite, the sounds of decaying technology; analog twists and turns; and recording experiments and documents by one of the giants of West Coast noise. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010


Everyone Gets What They Deserve

(Crippled Intellect Productions) Used CD $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Deep and dense industrial soundscapes with lo-fi electronics on one horizon and Hafler Trio-esque media collage cut-ups on the other.


Grew Up In A Drought / Live Enemy

(Crippled Intellect Productions) Used Split LP $6.00

“Brutal but highly sculpted oscillator articulations by Nate Young and Steven Kenney recorded live in Chicago 2007, backed with Blake Edwards’s high-volume grit flail.” Edition of 500


Sedation and Quell

(Crippled Intellect Productions - CIP021) 10-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Electronic synthesis, computer composition and manipulation, musical reference, and close microphone recording by Dan Burke. Side one is a pleasantly dense with an old typewriter, turntable pops/crackles, and shortwave radio interference topped by subtle frequency and oscillation tweaks. Side two counterbalances and wavers through numerous delicate swimming tones, eventually subdued by a listing rhythmic faction suffused with other surprises. Edition of 500.


We Had A Few Sprinkles Today But Not Enough To Help Out The Garden

(Crippled Intellect Productions) Used CD $4.00

Treatments and sound manipulation by Blake Edwards. Deep, subterranean ringing textures. Flanged croaks and other textures from a microscopic universe. Low register thuds and tiny sounds deep in the distance. Quiet, tortured sounds with high-frequency intrusions. Stuttering, panned samples and hollow dings, reminiscent of harsher noise at a lower volume, but with a swirling, almost psychedelic quality. Almost-musical loops heard through reverberations and audio grime. Sealed