Left Handed Blows: Writing on Sound 1993–2009

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Polemic essays such as “What Is Free?: A Free Noise Manifesto,” philosopho-cultural pieces like “Contra-Fludd / Contra-Kepler: The Disharmony Of The Spheres Extolled In Ten Theses” and “To Think Is To Speculate with Images: Rosicrucian Linguistics Revisited as a Semiological Discourse,” and discussions of creative practice (with Alistair Galbraith of Handful of Dust, and with New Media Theorist Danny Butt of Rain, Flies Inside the Sun and Tanaka-Nixon Meeting). The book is not an attempt at a coherent totalizing theory; as Ross Brighton points out, “The extolling of an extreme position allows the transmission or instigation of a discourse that would otherwise be sidelined or silenced….” 115pp.