Absurd Fjord

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Guttural neo-prog tales of inner journeys and outer limits. Mark Davies of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 guests on two tracks


In New Zealand

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Gentle brooding and torching intimacy by The Fierce Blonde, recorded during an extended visit to New Zealand in early 1997 with kiwis David Kilgour of The Clean, Robert Scott of Bats, Chris Knox of Tall Dwarfs, Graeme Downes of Verlaines, and The 3Ds’ David Mitchell and Denise Roughan. Also sitting in are John Convertino and Joey Burns of Giant Sand and Calexico. Sealed.


Bob Dinners and Larry Noodles Present Tubby Turdner's Celebrity Avalanche

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TFUL282’s final studio album from 2001 melds the ugly beauty of avant rock with peppy little nard-kicking melodies. Faux operettas suddenly transform into ground-to-a-halt shanties at the wrong speed; whale songs spontaneously corrupt themselves and become cries of harpooned whales; stockcar guitar riffs fishtail across bluegrass mirages; between debased jingles that have college radio station ID written all over them and chilly tinklers that could have been lifted directly from an hilarious new episode of Star Trek, backward Carnaby Street melodies battle like simultaneously occurring concept albums by the Swell Maps, Pere Ubu and… hell, name someone, Motörhead.