Hello, Voyager

(Constellation) Used LP $16.00

“As the only American artist on Montreal label Constellation, Carla Bozulich introduces touches of country and blues to the label’s signature apocalyptic symphonies,” notes Pitchfork. “Hello, Voyager explores the omnipresent female dementia with a full sound and an increasingly tortured performance from Bozulich. Nearly every track here occupies its own realm, tenuously connected by her vocals or similar string arrangements but otherwise completely alien to each other. Nothing demonstrates this better than the cold shower effect of ‘The Frozen Dress,’ a post-rock instrumental wasteland, coming after the blistering two-minute stoner metal of ‘Truth is Dark Like Outer Space.’ The album doesn’t simply run listeners through a gauntlet of extremes. It provides flashes of her inner country songwriter, with a lead guitar imitating a dusty old music box and Bozulich herself waxing equally delicate, at least in comparison to darker, tortured narratives.” 180g vinyl