Zero Tolerance For Silence

(Coq au Vinyl) LP $25.00

2022 reissue of the 1994 “jazz Metal Machine Music.” Loud, dissonant layers of electric guitars and overdriven amplifiers are in stark contrast to the smooth, melodic jazz upon which the Metheny legend is built. At the time, some theorized it was a contract-ending “fuck you” to his label, while others in-the-know swear it’s a pure expression of sounds Metheny had dreamt of making for some time. The man himself describes it as “a 2-D view of a world in which I am usually functioning in a more 3-D way. It is entirely flat music, and that was exactly what it was intended to be.” Knowing who to believe is the first hurdle with any masterpiece of free improvisation, so lace up them running shoes, Pierre. 140-gram vinyl. Paste-on cover with obi. Hand-stamped edition of 333