A Purpose Not Necessary

(Dada Drumming - DD30) split CD $10.00

“Heavy, crunchy shit abounds” in The Black Leather Jesus’s “Shelter,” marvels The One True Dead Angel. It “steers toward processing combinations that threaten to spiral wildly out of control until the chop-shop layering technique carries the piece into a new direction… This is nasty, sinus-cleaning stuff that operates at two basic volumes, Really Fucking Loud and Even Louder….” “Yellow Silk Buddha” by Incapacitants is “a screeching metallic roar augmented by overloud junk noise and pounding, usually on found metal scraps and using contact mics….[T]his is an inspired pairing, and its cumulative effect is … pure noisehead nirvana at a volume capable of sterlizing mice…, if not killing them outright.”