From Dust To Dust b/w Warm Up

(Dadjo) 7-inch (lathe cut) $30.00

“With absolutely no connection to the lead singer of country rockers Black Oak Arkansas or the LaVerne Baker R&B classic comes this mysterious single,” explains WFMU’s David Noades. Both songs of this early 70s obscurity from Saginaw, Michigan, have “a deliciously dubious home-made quality about them…. The A-side … uses the old Christian burial idiom as a moral look at life and death…. [A]wkward and shaky vocal delivery [is] not helped by the staccato rhythms of the verses and the over-use of the word dust … [while] the chorus … ends in a clumsy but obvious rip off of Billy Preston’s organ coda from ‘Let It Be’…. [L]udicrously overlabored drum fills and Phil Spector-esque harmony backing … add to the unintentional comic effect…. [A] truly bonkers fairground-style organ solo … is in complete contrast to the somber mood of the rest of the song. Drowned in reverb and tape delay, and with more bum notes than a colitis sufferer…. [The jaw-dropping dance number on the B-side is] a complete U-turn…, where the home made harmonium [competes] with an equally ham-fisted harmonica.” Canadian bootleg edition with screen-print replica labels. Edition of 10.