Ghoul Town Tales

(Dai Coelacanth) Magazine $6.50 (Out-of-stock)

Sixty-odd pages of loose mumbo jumbo, paranoia, gardening tips, and occasionally fictitious bedtime reading. All words, no pictures. So many words it will make you sick. Like a Northern English Blaster Al Ackerman. Lard for the soul.


Ghoul Town Tales Three

(Dai Coelacanth) Magazine $6.50

How does the final part of the trilogy end? The lives, loves and lost hope of the cast and crew of intergalactic soap opera “Pagan Satellites” come crashing down. Wigs get worn. Milk gets drunk. Is this the end for Sick Larry? Will Nancy continue wearing green till the final page? Thicker than other volumes. More words. Less white space. White space is a symbol of corporate fascism. Death to the minimalists.


Ghoul Town Tales Two

(Dai Coelacanth) Magazine $5.50

Further rambling word garble from the demented street poet of England’s North. Burroughs in a flatcap with a gluebag tight in hand. “Metal Suzi dirty as a birthday.” Sixty-four pages