Home-Made Authority

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“Band leader Perry Webb’s marginal everyday appearance and rotund midriff speak to lifestyle habits he may or may not be endorsing on ‘A Day at My Job,’ one of the more bracing and succinct tracks,” according to All Music Guide. “He blathers semi-coherently over guitarist Dan Workman‘s reverbed metal leads, which suggest Eddie Van Halen on nitrous. Webb is that rarest of lead vocalists who sing just as he speaks — in a slurred delivery that implies either a state of semi-drunkenness or mild brain damage. But as the bluntly articulated disgust on Home-Made Authority attests, Webb is no bungling half-wit, and he’s as fed-up as he ever was. With such unnerving titles as “Ten Orgasms a Day,” “Feeling/Die,” and “Tunnel of Blood,” the 16 songs here are not for the emotionally queasy or the easily offended. On the requisite hidden bonus track, Webb admonishes the weak-willed to find sympathy and understanding elsewhere: “Run away from your feelings / Run away from your problems / But don’t come here.” Throughout the droning diatribe, Webb sounds like a weary visitor from another dimension transmitting through a broken speaker phone. From a musical standpoint, Culturcide’s voracious appetite for disassembled noise and found sounds, not to mention its steadfast adherence to the punk ethos, is more pronounced than ever, as is the band’s erratic attention span. Wildly uneven and borderline unlistenable in spots, Authority tackles heavy metal, hardcore, keyed-up trucker country, white-trash psychedelia and more, contaminating the mix with random profanity and a sick undercurrent of self-parody.” From 1998