Cone Toaster

(DFA) Used 12-inch $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

“A four-on-the-floor rumble excursion into the nether regions of ugly escapism. Cut-up cymbals on the left, warped guitar samples on the right, and a big messy whump in the middle. A dance band with a noise fetish.” B-side is a remix of “Endless Happiness” from the Beaches and Canyons album by Eye from The Boredoms. Generic white centerhole jacket


Miles of Smiles

(DFA) Used LP $5.00

“Field-recorded rhythms of a marching band’s celebratory processional swim between worlds alternately mundane and nightmarish. Tape manipulation. Noises, sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. It lounges like Martin Denny’s tiki hut, a place where tropical thumb pianos coo with the washed-out vocal harmonies, serenely slurping back out to sea after nearly 15 minutes out of joint. Less musique concrète than a chunk of asphalt.” From 2001. Sealed


Beaches & Canyons

(DFA - 2125) 2xLP $25.00

(DFA - 2125) Used CD $10.00

Brooklyn sound manipulation specialists’ fluid, swelling and blissed-out frenzy of chaotic and orchestrated electronics, percussion, vocals and treated guitars.