Faster Than The Speed of Time

(Dilettante Courtoisie) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

"The superpowered arrogance of the title [of an earlier Kraus release called I Could Destroy You With a Single Thought]," observes NZ watchdog Jon Bywater, "Matches the pains taken to craft [it], somewhere between a pop Moog record and the harshest no wave. Short melodic and rhythmic figures are worked hard into the knife edge between queasy claustrophobia and rigorous brilliance." A resident of Auckland, Kraus plays guitar, drums, synthesizer, organ, tape loops and electronics; he played drums in The Murdering Monsters and The Aesthetics, co-founded The Futurians and played on their first album !Blastov! (Root Don Lonie For Cash 2001) and plays currently in Pouffe (with Matthew Plunkett), The Maltese Falcons (with Duckling Monster of The Futurians), and Olympus (with Stefan Neville). Edition of 300.