Round And Around

(Disques du Soleil Et De L’Acier) Used CD $6.00

The first couple of tracks on this 19991 album seem like “almost-cover-versions,” according to Soft Watch. “ ‘Embodyn’ has a slow start, then a gradual build up to a hectic charge, which immediately brings Modern English’s ‘Gathering Dust’ to mind. ‘Black & White’ is like a stripped-down and rebuilt version of Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’ …, a total dance thing that will possess your primal urge to dance like a divine horseman, leaving you wrecked [and] gathering your breath [during] the strange, ballad-like ‘2023’…, [with its] talked-over clicky rhythm [and] warm, languid sound…. ‘Beele’ opens with high-pitched piano beneath deeper, more moody piano rhythm while the vocalist half-whispers…. ‘You-Hu-Man’ falls back toward the Neubauten sound — a complex, snappy build up of various rhythmic sounds, culminating in … unusual, thin supra-punk … with a whip-thin guitar line. ‘Rhythm & Mood’ has a dark, furrowed brow…. ‘Reality’ is another piece of poetry / words, set over a simple ‘dragging chains’ rhythm. ‘Round And Around’ … [is] something akin to Talking Heads circa Remain In Light, [with] a shimmering ‘Once In A Lifetime’ funkiness…. [S]udden stops [and] backward reverb … make this a warm piece of dance music.”