Chop Socky

(Dossier) Used LP $12.00

This short-lived trio from the late 1980s, headed by drummer Samm Bennett and including the talents of Kumiko Kimoto and Yuval Gabay, combines percussion from various world sources with electronics and fuses them in a rockish rhythmic execution. Experimentalism is generally put on the back burner in favor of the groove. Guest appearance by guitarist / violinist Hahn Rowe.


The Spike

(Dossier) Used LP $35.00

“Bourbonese Qualk’s music has an immediate effect,” according to Sounds UK about this 1985 album. One is “absorbed into the strong, fluctuating stream of noises and then awakened by very loud strident noise…. The tracks flow almost unnoticeably from one to another to form an organic whole. Inside this process … a lot of small things happen that attach themselves to your senses and take control…. [With a] kind of ‘Body-ness’, their … sound-treatments have … a magical hallucinating effect.” With sticker. Black vinyl


Timbral Planes

(Dossier) Used LP $18.00

Dark ambience from 1987, partially beatless and partially gently percussive / tribal.


Places of Motility

(Dossier) Used LP $12.00

“An atmospheric collage of rhythm and noise” from 1987.