Nature Unveiled

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Remastered 2008 reissue of the apocalyptic debut album (L.A.Y.L.A.H. 1984) by David Tibet, Steven Stapleton, John Balance, Annie Anxiety, Isidore Ducasse, John Fothergill, John Murphy, Nicholas Rogers, Roger Smith, and The Youth. Intense chanting, loops slowing down and speeding up, demented opera samples, eschatology, Crowley. Booklet with early photographs of the group members and original insert materials. Sealed.


Pass The Distance

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Originally released by Mushroom during the hazy crossfade of late-’60s burn-out and early-’70s tribal pyres, Pass The Distance falls short “of the barbituric dexterity and unfettered invention of Syd Barrett, [but] Finn is a fellow dark globe sage in an era of folkie sprites and gonzo longhairs…. Songs lurch through psycho-ward strums accompanied by campfire third-eye improvisations…. Wizards, mermaids and the requisite metaphorical fauna may crop up in Finn’s lyrics, but his words mostly ring with vague bleakness made even more desperate by the singer’s absinthe-drunk channeling of Tim Buckley’s range…. [S]crawled hieroglyphic trim is provided by Paul Burwel’s … fluid percussion and David Toop’s … scrapes, drones…, freeform skiffle [and] loose dawdling on various instruments, many he was never trained on.” Ten tracks from the original album, two from the sole surviving acetate of a projected single from the collection of David Tibet, and two more previously unreleased studio tracks.