The Man Can't Bust Our Music

(Ectoplasm - ROV004) 7-inch $12.00

It'd be sheer folly not to defer to Mark Prindle on this: "Named after a godawful CBS Records ad line from the late '60s, the second ZCR release is a teeny little 7-inch with ten studio songs crammed onto it. It's very diverse and never gets boring. The ZCR originals include: a gentle tribute to Che Guevara; a throbbing hard rocker about kicking in the heads of audience members; a haunting piano instrumental by a man who can't play the piano; a needlessly offensive British nursery rhyme; a free-noise snippet; a country-western advertisement for a hotel frequented by the Zip Code Rapists. The cover tunes include: Pablo Cruise's 'Good Ship Pablo Cruise' (or rather, one line of 'Good Ship Pablo Cruise' sung over and over and over); John Lennon's '#9 Dream' as sung by the 'Hijinks' computer from Gregg Turkington's Great Phone Calls LP; Stephen Foster's 'Old Folks At Home' sung through a toy megaphone; a hideous dirtball rendition of The Monkees' 'Listen To The Band'."