Corpse On Horseback

(Ergot - ER001) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ultra-crude eight-track tape junk metal loops previously released on cassette (Hanson 2003). Gold vinyl. Edition of 500.


Live In New Haven

(Ergot - ERG007) LP $17.00

Ben Baker Billington, Mike Forbes, Andrew Scott Young and Paul Flaherty bring the heat to fire music. Live In New Haven documents four purveyors of the ecstatic now convulsing as one, with the labyrinthine saxophone mutations of Forbes and Flaherty squirming against the brink of the Billington-Young skins’n’strings throb unit. Despite the volcanic nature of the session, the quartet exhibits a sage capacity for both restraint and an elevated plane of almost-composed melodicism, “tracing a jagged pathway of legible melodic interplay,” as noted by Tiny Mix Tapes, “that breaks off at a moment’s notice into freefall runs of conjoined squalling.”



(Ergot - 005) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ian McColm and David Shapiro coax oblique shades of damaged Frippertronic drone from extended guitar rigs and render them across three deliberate structured improvisations on their forty-four-minute LP. Meticulously crafted loops comprise the phonetic basis of Nagual’s vocabulary, with clusters of decayed piano and spluttering ARP seamlessly shifting in and out of coherence, while deep tones expand across the stereo field. The muscular tear of side A crescendos into a dexterous burst of McColm’s machine-gun percussion (worthy of his years studying under Pharoah Sanders drummer Billy Hart); and side B unfurls with the patient serenity of music’s eternal theater.