Ed Askew

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Ask The Unicorn from 1968 plus three tracks selected by Askew — “Accordion Man” from WYBC radio1970, “Green Song” from the early 1970s, and “A Soldier’s Song” from 2005.


Cave Rock

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This was the first issue on CD, from 1993 by ZYX, made from an LP needle-drop with side B (tracks five through eight here) being incorrectly mastered at 45 rpm.


You Used To Think

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Recorded at the tail end of 1968 and remastered for this 2009 reissue, this densely packed album, rooted in blues-laden acid folk, is gradually dominated by more free-form, jazz-influenced vocals that usher a frantic climax. It’s a collage of fucked-up Eastern ragas, jazz, and atonal folk rock, delivered in a beautiful, raspy, feverish, drug-induced howl by Pomerance, a Canadian documentary film maker, poet and singer songwriter firmly linked to a lyrical base, with an eclectic band from a variety of disciplines. Groovy flutes, buzzing sitar, minimalist piano, bongos, sax squawk, and tambourines create a vision-drenched psychedelic stew.


We Move Together

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Donald Rafael Garrett and Zusaan Kali Fasteau rattle, strum, and bang bass, cello, clarinet, piano, nye, shakuhachi, and sheng. Notable for the twenty-minute epic “Stork Cools Its Wings.” Sealed



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Free jazz mind-blow and violin hypnosis from 1970 with violin Dave Burrell, Becky Friend, Karl Berger, Mike Ephron, Lawrence Cook, and Barry Altschul. Sealed


Staying On The Watch

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Stretched-out and powerful performance from 1966 by the altoist with Barbara Donald (trumpet), John Hicks (piano), Teddy Smith (bass), and Marvin Pattillo (drums). Sealed


The East Village Other

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A collage / montage in celebration of Hiroshima Day 1966 featuring The Velvet Underground, Marion Brown, Allen Ginsburg, Peter Orlovsky, Tuli Kupferberg, Ken Weaver, Steve Weber, Scott Holt, Ron Jackson, Ishmael Reed, Gerard Malanga, Ingrid Superstar, Plastic Clock Radio, Andy Warhol. Sealed



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Legendary 1965 debut, recorded with Burton Greene, Steve Tintweiss and Tom Price, establishing Waters as a pioneering force not only in jazz, but in contemporary music as well. Remastered from the original tapes. With notes, photos.