Plays ‘The Greys’

(Ever/Never - E/N015) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Songs and sonic vignettes that dip down deep into life’s trenches, where light fights to be noticed, misery, monotony and melancholy mingle and bleed into one another. In Melchior’s non-academic approach to musique concrete’s a-musical gestures, field recordings bump up against back-porch guitar plucking that morphs into radio declarations by the good Christians among us. Midway through the album’s hazy meanderings, “Death Has No Mercy” jumps into an uptempo backwoods jaunt, because the guitar is always there, providing a means for expression and catharsis.


Drip Water Hollow Out Stone

(Ever/Never - E/N037) 12-inch $16.75 (Out-of-stock)

Murk and mystery are the keys to this UK unit’s menace-pulsing wormhole. Small gestures, strangled vocal cries and seemingly random guitar/drum patterns, disturbing logic, rhythms clicking and reverberating, throbbing and whirring anxiety, unpredictable sound-swells, stuttering, a molten eruption.