A Högwind Christmas

(Expulsion) 2xLP $25.00

Pour yourself a mug of hot-dog-water nog and toss another rat carcass on the fire — Christmas is back in style. And to herald the return of this obscure underappreciated holiday, a new generation gets old and in the way, just like their ancestors did, blaarting carols under the godless stars when everyone else just wants to get drunk and pass out. With Högwind as your abnormal yuletide mariachists, every night of the year can now be the longest one, for you, for your family and friends, for anyone within earshot. You’ll forget about the “war on Christmas” when Christmas itself is the standard-issue neurocysticercotic weapon of choice. Two platters of gloriously sour mush, off-brand screech, and harmonic gorkings way past their expiration dates — the perfect psychological immunization for a fevered take-over: “Here Comes Santa In A UFO,” “Glue Christmas,” “Jesus Was A Zygote,” “Christmas From Beneath The Earth’s Crust” and fifteen other interminable classics. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 200.