Stimulus Regression

(FM Dust - DUST048) Cassette $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Half an hour of power, a dream-scraping cosmic drip direct from the gentle hands and addled brain of Dustin Krcatovich. Cover art by one of the following: Jess Ackerman, Jeremy Wheeler, SSC, Fred Thomas. Includes download card. Edition of 100. C30


Nothing Is Permanent

(FM Dust - DUST044) Cassette $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tracks by Willis Earl Beal, Blood Stereo, Travis Bursik, Casino, City Center, Das Kiste Quintett, Everyday Cruelty, Lidless Eye, Dylan Nyoukis, Skin Lies, Sky Thing, Smegma, and Sophie Tulip. In a leatherette box with a print by artist / tattooer Jen Munford, a 2.25-inch button, a sticker, hand-stamped liner notes written by Dustin Krcatovich (stamp designed by Micah Vanderhoof), and a free download code. Edition of 300. C50. Feast your peepers on this infomercial: