Horse Rotorvator

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Coil’s second full album continues their “refinement of brute noise and creepily serene arrangements into a truly modern psychedelia, from tribal drumming and death march guitars to disturbing marching band samples and back,” observes Ned Raggett. “John Balance shares the … haggard, mystic vocal delivery [of] fellow explorers of the edge like David Tibet and Edward Ka-Spel, but [with] his own blasted and burnt touch.” Dave Pinella concurs, “The album is full of the excesses of Roman times…, sex, horns, drugs and death. Aside from the military motif, the album also brings to the forefront the music’s homoeroticism…. ‘Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)’ is the album’s centerpiece, with soothing insect-like percussion and strings over a plaintive vocal by Balance.” With insert.