LSD C&W: The History of the Chadbournes

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Recorded in studio for the most part with Tom Cora, David Licht, and Michael Kramer forming the core of the band with hotshots and ringers like John Zorn filling in the gaps, LSD C&W includes a hefty Beatles medley, a couple Hendrix songs, a tune by Albert Ayler. Roger Miller, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash also pass through Chadbourne’s grinder. Anarchic guitar solos, weird tape editing, excited tempos, fantastic cello playing from Cora, and a special kind of humor you get whenever you try to attach the words “avant” and “Western.”


Gutter Light

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Screeching, alien chords by Michael Duane. Jacqui Dulaney’s slashing-to-soaring voice. Grit and decay, energy and exhilaration from 1988.