Tender Wreckage

(Gameboy) Used Split LP $5.00

One side of noisy remixes of material from the Brutum Fulmen catalog, backed with the favor returned in a musique concrète vein.


How Can The Red Dusts Blow Here?

(Gameboy) Used CDR $5.00

“Solo guitar improvisations from guitarist Bryan Day [of the Public Eyesore label] in the vein of John Fahey,” says our friend at Korperschwache, “Only not quite so unadorned or overprocessed…. [On] ‘Hands Beckon’ … acoustic guitar and electric guitar (often treated) interact with each other…. ‘Sine Daughter’ employs extensive reverb and delay to generate pinging notes and shimmering drones…, while ‘Ladybugs’ pits intermittent snatches of melody from one guitar against muted noise and tweaking from others, and ‘Christmaseve’ is a solo performance (guitar, vocals, and squeaks).” Edition of 50.


Popular Music For Popular People

(Gameboy) Used CD $3.00

2000 comp with tracks by Government Alpha, Cock ESP, Bob Marinella, Spastic Colon, Contamination Diet, Lockweld, DJ Smallcock, MSBR, Noumena, Goat, Fruehauf, Sodium, Dan Bodah, John Wiese