Ready to Do Damage

(Gaping Hole - GH3) LP $13.50

Ready To Do Damage seethes with malevolence: sustained piercing feedback; crashing and ripping metal; distortion flaking off every corner; dank; violent. The A side contains a live collaboration (a first for Mania) between these two artists, while side B holds a solo track from each. Mania has terrorized the world of noise and power electronics since 2002 with releases on Bitewerks, Freak Animal, Harsh Head Rituals, Abisko, Vemod, and others. Ryan Bloomer is currently a member of industrial scuzz unit Piss Horn, lives in Canada surrounded by amplifiers, and heads up the Traumatone organization, makers of noise devices most vile. Black vinyl, 11”x17” color poster, edition of 300.