Is The Belly / In The Belly

(Gilgongo) LP $15.00

In this old fashioned jam session by Ju Suk Reet Meate and Oblivia (Smegma, The Tenses), Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper (MSHR), Chiara Giovando (Harrius), Johannes Lund and Tobias Kirtstein, fluttering alto sax and calm, staccato trumpet slowly spelunk toward a center where organ, voice, homemade synth, radio, and percussion blend and find their way back to the nervous outer world. They converge with strange but riveting vocals, slide guitar and skipping record, mingled with the sounds of dinosaurs canoodling. Song forms rise and fall back against the river-like surface tension: a roaring tale is told, then slowly fades away to nothingness.



(Gilgongo - GGGR038) LP $12.75

Scathing sound by John Wiese and Corydon Ronnau, joined by Lasse Marhaug and Will Strangeland of Tearist and Silver Daggers, cautiously partitioned into forty-one short bursts of truly obliterated hardcore. Ruptured and bleeding out, heavily.


Deviate From Balance

(Gilgongo) Used 2xLP $17.00

Sound installation recordings and scored works for ensembles of over 20 people; the lengthy list of collaborators (including Ikue Mori, C. Spencer Yeh, Evan Parker, Joe Preston, and members of Smegma and the Los Angeles Free Music Society, among many others). “Compared to earlier Wiese high points like Soft Punk, the palette here is wildly expansive, but it’s also more controlled,” note Dustin Krcatovich, “a remarkable feat given the sheer amount of unwieldy elements at hand.” Also includes audio documentation of installation pieces “Wind Changed Direction,” a four-channel sound piece presented in the garden of the Getty Center (curated by Liars), and “Battery Instruments,” an eight-channel piece presented at HSP in New Zealand, now heard for the first time.